LA Comedy Fest.

As mentioned late last year, the short screenplay that I had wrote originally entitled Like Like  had spent most of 2011 sitting in my documents folder due to a lot of needless flaking from a former friend  while I moved on working other productions as I interned and took classes at Moviola.

But after meeting awesome person/director April Heather, the script was put to use and ended up as Jules & Me. It was a great experience seen something that I wrote be made into a film (and an interesting experience editing it as well) and I was totally happy to have been part of a project with so many talented people, especially April. About a week ago I got an email from her telling me that the film had been accepted into this year’s LA Comedy Fest, which immediately resulted in me breaking out with some morning bedroom dancing.

This definitely makes me want to write more, especially another screenplay. Let the brainstorming begin!


Gahhhhh, I wish I could somehow teleport to L.A. during April 23rd!


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